How To Break In Your Work Boots-In the Freezer!!!!

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Today, I am going to go over an ingenious idea of breaking in your work boots. This method will work on any type of boot or shoe. Now, you could just buy a pair of work boots and just wear them until they break in, but that may take awhile and cause you a considerable amount of pain. You don’t want to have foot pain and blisters when you are on a ladder or up on a roof. So, to solve the problem of breaking in your work boots, try this:

How to Break in Your Work Boots in the Freezer!!

I found this method of breaking in work boots and I think it is brilliant. Sometimes we purchase work boots that are perfect for the job, but may be a little tight in some areas. This is where this method of breaking in work boots comes in. Here are the steps involved in breaking in your work boots in a freezer:

  1. Take your work boots and put them on a flat surface.
  2. Next, take a zip lock bag and put a bag in each boot.
  3. Open the zip lock bag.
  4. Now, carefully pour water inside the bag. The amount of water depends on where the boot is tight. If the boot is tight down by the toe, you need to put in less water. If the boot is tight by your ankle, you need to put in more water.
  5. Close the zip lock bag.
  6. Push/pull the zip lock bag to where the boot is tight. You may have to either add or subtract some water from the bag to get it right. You want to make sure that the water filled bag fits snug where the boot is tight on you.
  7. Next, put the work boots into the freezer over night. If your work boots are dirty, you may have to put them in a bag or towel.
  8. The next day, take the bag out of your work boots and they should be nice and broken in.

The reason that this method works is that the water expands as it freezes, so the frozen water in the bag will expand and break in/stretch your work boots!!! Brilliant!!

Here is a video showing how this is done with shoes. You would do the same thing with your work boots.

Well, that’s it. We hope that you enjoyed our post on how to break in your work boots in a freezer. Please feel free to leave a comment!!!

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