Best Work Boot For Flat Feet-Your Feet Will Thank You!!

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Best work boot for flat feet

Today, we are going to talk about the best work boot for flat feet. Studies show that 30% of the population suffer from flat feet. To attain balance and comfort with every step and stride you make, you need to wear the right pair of shoes suitable to your condition. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to shoes. Your choice of footwear depends on the kind of foot you have, which is the main thing more than the shoe’s appearance or aesthetic features.

Here, we delve into flat feet and the best type of work boot to buy that will surely give you the protection and comfort you need. Check out our buying guide and recommended brand for the best work boot for flat feet that can offer you a great bang for your buck. If you are short on time, you can CLICK HERE and be directed to Amazon to our top pick for the best work boot for flat feet.

Flat Feet Causes and Symptoms

Feet come in different shapes and sizes. If the arch of your feet tends to roll inward or has a fully collapsed appearance, then you’ve got flat feet. Unfortunately, your feet are missing arch support, so you’ll need to shift the pressure to other portions of your feet whenever you walk. Otherwise, you’re bound to experience severe pain and discomfort.

Another thing about this condition is that your shoes end up wearing much faster since your feet lay flatly and heavily on the ground. One side of your shoes may also wear more than the other portion, which could mean having to replace them sooner. Usually, it’s the heel that gets worn out much quickly than the rest of your shoes. This is, of course, can be avoided if you wear shoes designed for flat footed individuals like you.

How can I tell if I have flat feet?

Good question. In some cases, there are no symptoms. But the longer you wear the wrong pair of footwear, the more apparent the symptoms become. Generally, this condition is associated with pain in your feet, particularly when there’s a strain in the muscles and ligaments.

Other areas that may be painful whenever you walk include the arch of your feet, hip, knee, calf, and the lower leg. Some swelling accompanied by pain in the inner portion of your ankle may also be experienced. If your ankles naturally turn inwards as you walk, pains in your hip and knee are other common symptoms.

For the most part, if your family members have flat feet, chances are you can suffer from the same condition. But outside of genetics, there are other causes of flat feet including an ankle or foot injury, damages to the posterior tibial tendon, weak arches, muscle or nervous system disease such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy, arthritis, and tarsal coalition. Diabetes and obesity are also conditions linked with flat feet.

What You Need If You Have Flat Feet

If you are certain you have flat feet, then there’s one thing you got to do first – make sure your shoes fit. The biggest mistake you could ever make is not checking the features and specs of the shoe, with the hope that it would feel good on you just because it looks cool. Always go for shoes that are specifically designed for flat footed individuals, or at least capable of providing the amount of support you need. Never compromise your comfort just for the sake of a good-looking shoe that ultimately lacks the features your feet need.

Work Boot Buying Guide for People with Flat Feet

People who work in an environment that requires them to wear work boots should look into the basic features separating a great quality footwear from mediocre ones. We’re still in the topic of flat feet here, and we’ll give you a few tips on how to go about your search for the perfect work boot that you should get for yourself.

No matter what brand you get, ALWAYS make it a point to check for these key features that the work boot must possess:

1. Superb Comfort

Walking or standing for hours is no fun when you’re wearing a lousy pair of shoes. Flat-footed folks get it even worse when they’re putting up with work boots not ideal for their condition. You’ll need boots with ample cushioning on the sole, along with an arch design suitable for flat feet. It would also be nice if there’s a moisture-wicking feature to the shoe, or at least some good ventilation to keep it breathable and comfortable to wear even for long hours.

2. Support

Comfort and support do go hand in hand, and you need to make sure your boots have firm and thick soles that can support you with every stride. Soles made from premium quality materials are flexible enough to help you move with ease no matter how tough the conditions may be. A plus point would be shock absorbing features to the sole, which can prevent you from straining your ankles and foot muscles and ligaments.

3. Sturdy

Why buy work boots that barely last for several months, anyway? Since you’re buying a pair, might as well make sure it’s good to go for a long time. Invest in work boots made from genuine leather with rubber outsoles that are built to last. Sometimes, looking at the brand helps since it gives you some idea about its reputation that an up-and-coming brand may struggle with. It may not be the cheapest option, but you can be sure that your boots won’t fall apart too soon while jeopardizing your health and safety.

Sounds pretty basic, but some people overlook these main features that are very important when buying work boots for flat feet. So, before you head over to the store, have these features in mind, and you won’t have to hear us say “we told you so…”

Speaking of which, we’ve got our top pick for the best work boot for flat feet that’s proven to lead the pack when it comes to unparalleled comfort, support, and overall quality. Our highly recommended brand for you is the –

Wolverine Men’s W04821 Buccaneer Work Boot

Best work boot for flat feet

Our top pick for the best work boot for flat feet!!!

We like how this brand don’t even allow us to second-guess because in terms of quality, there’s no questioning the Wolverine Buccaneer work boot. You can just tell from the way it looks, feels, and fits. There’s nothing about this boot that looks cheap or poorly made. After all, how can you even question a brand that’s been in the business for 125 years? That in itself is a testimony of its superb quality, which not many brand can top up.

But going back to the boot, we like a bunch of features that it’s known for and have passed our high standards:

1. Well-Built

This boot is built like a tank, and we don’t even know how to start to describe it! But to keep it short and sweet, we think the materials and construction will surely make this boot last for a while. It’s made from genuine and premium full-grain leather, the welt construction provides optimum comfort and support, and the proprietary Multishox rubber outsole is grippy for all-terrain. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet drenched in moisture for hours.

2. Comfortable

We’ve been talking about comfort and support, and we like the fact that this boot is never short of these two ever-important qualities. The outsoles boast of the breakthrough Multishox technology that offers excellent cushioning and shock-absorbing features. You work hard, and you can bet on these shoes working extra harder to protect your feet from pain and discomfort. Got wide feet? No sweat. You can find a pair that works perfect for medium to extra wide feet.

3. Supportive

Want to use your own custom orthotics for a boost of support? This boot lets you do just that because it comes with a removable footbed, so there’s plenty of room for your orthotics. We also like the fact that the outsole has compression pads with multi-shock features molded right in. Walking is never a pain at all with these boots. And guess what? It’s got mesh lining that keeps the feet cool and dry. No more smelly and wet feet wrapped in soggy boots!

Cons of the Bucaneer

In a perfect world, you want your boots to be comfortable, sturdy, yet light. Well, we can’t say exactly that these boots are lightweight as they’re made of leather and rubber. But that in itself is a clear mark of durability because the heft is a proof of its long lifespan. Even if you walk in cooler and freezing temps, you don’t have to worry about getting popsicle toes as long as you’ve got this ever-reliable pair of work boot.

Some people complain that the boots are not wide enough. We don’t know much about that because we’re certain this brand comes with extra wide sizes. In fact, you don’t have to break these in much since right out of the box, they fit great. But we suppose that if you have exceptionally wide feet, then you have to check your size carefully before you order just to be sure the boots will fit you snugly and comfortably.

Our Verdict

Sturdy, supportive, and super comfortable – what more can you ask from the Wolverine Buccaneer work boot? It’s made to last for years and proven to give you optimum support that no other work boot can give for your flat feet. You certainly can never go wrong with this brand, which makes it a smart investment worth your precious dollar.

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